Elizabeth Poole
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Ongoing experimentation with an array of basically ephemeral materials - many of them "found" and recycled being based on the concept that with a caring sense of place it is possible for built and natural environments to exist happily side by side, as a total environment.  Hopefully people will be attracted to the aesthetics of the work, then considering the content and message.  


Flying Horses
Warriors with Orange Sky
Eungella Mist
White Light. Dark Light1.
White Light. Dark Light2.
Grass Fish.
Net Pods with Warriors & Orange Sky.
agrarian memories 1
Drawings on The Water
agrarian memories 2
string songs 1
Floating Land 2017 - Regeneration Celebration 1 [studio shot ]
Regeneration Celebration 2
Regeneration Celebration 3
Regeneration Celebration 4
Regeneration Celebration 5